A Guide to the Southern Oregon Coast

south oregon coast
Growing up in California, I used to spend my summers driving up the coast through Big Sur,  Monterey and Carmel. So when I got the chance to explore the Southern Oregon Coast, I was super excited. I didn’t really know what to expect but ended up being very surprised at just how many different things one could do on the coast and just how beautiful it was. You could easily spend a week exploring the area. With its winding roads, lighthouses and beautiful ocean scenery, the Southern Oregon Coast is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves adventure.  Continue reading

10 Things I Learned in Europe

europe travel tipsA few years ago, I spent a few weeks traveling throughout England, France and Ireland. During my travels, I quickly learned some things I wish I had known before coming to Europe, things that would’ve made my trip a little smoother and things that would’ve helped me not stress and freak out. I figured I would share 10 of the things I learned in Europe and hope that they help you plan a smooth and stress free European vacation.  Continue reading