Best Portland Breweries

travel portland breweries“I’m coming to Portland. What  breweries would you recommend?”. This has to be the question I get asked the most. And while I do love your questions and giving ya’ll my recommendations, it can be a little redundant typing out the same answers all the time.  And with the summer and bar prep just around the corner, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to answer every message and thus, I figured why not just make a guide to the best Portland breweries and have all of my recommendations in one place? Continue reading

13 Things to Do Along the Central Oregon Coast

central oregon coastThe Central Oregon Coast consists of the 75 mile coastline from Florence to Lincoln City. This section of the coast has some of the famous Oregon Coast landmarks you’ve likely seen on Pinterest, such as, the Devil’s Punchbowl and Thor’s Well.

All 13 attractions can be done over two days. This gives you enough time to fully experience everything and not feel like you’re rushing. So, go grab a buddy (or you can go solo,which is what I did), turn up the radio and hit the road!  Continue reading