A Year of Travel and Beer (Year Two)

year of travel and craft beerThese last few weeks have been extremely busy, but luckily it all ended with me finally turning in the paper about craft beer I had been working for the last six months. I was so busy, I forgot that it was my two year blogiversary! So, I thought I would celebrate by recapping my year of travel and beer, round two. Continue reading

5 Things to Do on Your First Trip to Burlington, Vermont

things to do burlington vermont brewery beer

I’ll be honest, I never thought about visiting Vermont until last summer. Maybe it’s  because I’m from Southern California and Vermont is literally one of the furthest states from California, or maybe because before moving to Oregon I refused to acknowledge anywhere that didn’t have 70 degree weather year round. Regardless of why I never thought about visiting Vermont, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Burlington, Vermont last summer. I didn’t have high expectations for this town but by the end of the day I was blown away at how much there is to do! One day is not enough to get the full Burlington experience.  But if you every get the chance to visit, even if it’s only for a day, check out my list of 5 things you have to do on your first visit to Burlington, Vermont  Continue reading

6 Best Brewery Tours in the U.S.

6 best brewery tours U.S. use

Brewery tours. Once you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all right? Well…..not really. While the  structure of a brewery tour is usually the same as others tours and the info on the beer process is the same, every now and then a brewery will put on a tour that is so unique and memorable tour that you stop and think “Wow, that was a freaking awesome tour” and makes you wish the tour didn’t have to end so quickly. Here are 6 brewery tours that made me fee just like that and hopefully if you’re lucky enough to ever visit, make you feel that way too! Continue reading