Santa Cruz Craft Beer Scene

Santa Cruz Breweries(feel free to pin this photo)

For spring break this year, A and I decided to head south and spend a few days camping in Santa Cruz. Once I knew where we would be going, I instantly started doing research on where the nearest sources of craft beer would be. I was surprised at how many breweries were located in the Santa Cruz area! Santa Cruz has its own, Beer Trail with 14 breweries spread throughout Santa Cruz area. Unfortunately, even after three days, we weren’t able to visit all of the breweries on the Santa Cruz Beer Trail. Guess it’s just another excuse to come back. Continue reading

A Year of Travel and Beer (Year Two)

year of travel and craft beerThese last few weeks have been extremely busy, but luckily it all ended with me finally turning in the paper about craft beer I had been working for the last six months. I was so busy, I forgot that it was my two year blogiversary! So, I thought I would celebrate by recapping my year of travel and beer, round two. Continue reading

9 destinations for your next beercation

beercation San Diego, Portland, Bend, Denver, Fort Collins, Asheville, San Francisco and Portland (Maine). What do all of these have in common? They’re all great beercation destinations. But what if you’ve already visited all of these destinations or can’t afford to fly across the country and visit some of these places? Are you doomed to repeat the same trips? Or do you never go on another beercation again? Absolutely Not! Continue reading

6 Best Brewery Tours in the U.S.

6 best brewery tours U.S. use

Brewery tours. Once you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all right? Well…..not really. While the  structure of a brewery tour is usually the same as others tours and the info on the beer process is the same, every now and then a brewery will put on a tour that is so unique and memorable tour that you stop and think “Wow, that was a freaking awesome tour” and makes you wish the tour didn’t have to end so quickly. Here are 6 brewery tours that made me fee just like that and hopefully if you’re lucky enough to ever visit, make you feel that way too! Continue reading

5 Instagramable LA Murals

instagram la mural
Don’t you just love it when you are walking down the street and suddenly come across a mural that stops you dead on your tracks and makes you think “I totally have to Instagram this”. C’mon I can’t be the only one who thinks that!

Well, if you are like me and love a good mural, Los Angeles is probably one of the best places for Instagram worthy murals. There are probably hundreds of murals throughout the city, but here are 5 of my favorite Instagramable LA murals that are guaranteed to make your friends jealous!

Continue reading

7 Breweries to Add to Your San Diego Brewery List

blog travel beer breweries

It is undisputed that San Diego is one of the nation’s top beer destinations. With over 100 breweries in the county, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to deciding which breweries to visit and which to add to your sacred brewery list. But whichever breweries you decide on, be sure to include these 7 breweries to your San Diego Brewery List! Continue reading