6 Best Brewery Tours in the U.S.

6 best brewery tours U.S. use

Brewery tours. Once you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all right? Well…..not really. While the  structure of a brewery tour is usually the same as others tours and the info on the beer process is the same, every now and then a brewery will put on a tour that is so unique and memorable tour that you stop and think “Wow, that was a freaking awesome tour” and makes you wish the tour didn’t have to end so quickly. Here are 6 brewery tours that made me fee just like that and hopefully if you’re lucky enough to ever visit, make you feel that way too!

1.New Belgium
Why: Right at the start of the tour you are handed a beer and for the next hour you are never without a beer in your hand. You learn about the origins of New Belgium, are shown the HUGE barrels they use to ferment their sours, see their rock climbing wall in the barrel room and end the tour by going down a side!new belgium craft beer travel colorado best brewery tournew beligum best brewery tour colorado craft beernew beligum best brewery tour colorado craft beernew beligum best brewery tour colorado craft beer

2.Sam Adams
Why: After being shown how their beer is made, everyone is taken into the beer hall. Guests are seated in long communal style tables where pitchers of beer are poured and passed down. It makes you feel like you’re in an old tavern back in the 1700s.  Everyone then is taught how to properly examine and taste beer. The whole process makes you appreciate the process and time that goes into making and perfecting the beer and makes appreciate the quality beer you are drinking. Years later, I still use what I learned on this tour when I go beer tasting today! best brewery tour boston sam adamsbest brewery tour bottom sam adams

3.Magic Hat
Why: This tour is actually self guided, something I really liked because it meant that I could at my own pace without worrying about having to catch up to a tour group and because it meant that I could take as many photos without interrupting anyone. But the best part about this brewery tour is actually the unique and funky decor. I was told that the owners of Magic Hat are really into magic, and based on the decorations and theme, I could tell. The tour expresses that love of magic and makes you feel as though you are Alice walking through Wonderland, a brewery wonderland that is. best brewery tour magic hat vermont burlingtonbest brewery tour magic hat burlington vermontbest brewery tour magic hat burlington vermontbest brewery tour magic hat burlington vermont

4.White Labs
Why: This brewery is unlike any other I’ve ever visited before because White Labs actually produces beer yeast! They are one of the leading cultivators, testers and sellers of yeast in the world. So this tour actually focuses on the yeast process rather than the brewing process and lets you get a different perspective of how beer is made that you won’t get anywhere else.   white labs san diego beer best brewery tourwhite labs san diego brewery

Why: When you start the tour you are given a badge, a set of protective eyewear and a set of headphones. I don’t know how that you make you feel, but it kinda made me feel like a bad ass scientist or something. And after going through the beer making process, the tour ends in their barrel room where you get multiple beer tasting and are free to walk around the barrel room and take lots of selfies. best brewery tour allagash portland mainebest brewery tour allagash portland mainebest brewery tour allagash portland maine

6.Dogfish Head
Why: Because if you don’t have closed toed shoes for the tour, you are forced to wear Crocs and that makes for one seriously questionable outfit. On the tour, you learn the romantic reason of why the brewery is in Delaware (hint: he’s married to it)  You also get to see the huge warehouse that is filled with some of your Dogfish Head beer that ready to go out into the world and the new distillery that is being built right on the grounds (beer + distilled spirits? yes please!) Another great thing about Dogfish Head are the free beer tasters you are given whether or not you go on the tour, but all the beer is so good, you’ll be buying a few extra tasters!
best brewery tour dogfish head delawarebest brewery tour dogfish head delawarebest brewery tour dogfish head delaware

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