Best Portland Breweries

travel portland breweries“I’m coming to Portland. What  breweries would you recommend?”. This has to be the question I get asked the most. And while I do love your questions and giving ya’ll my recommendations, it can be a little redundant typing out the same answers all the time.  And with the summer and bar prep just around the corner, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to answer every message and thus, I figured why not just make a guide to the best Portland breweries and have all of my recommendations in one place? Continue reading

13 Things to Do Along the Central Oregon Coast

central oregon coastThe Central Oregon Coast consists of the 75 mile coastline from Florence to Lincoln City. This section of the coast has some of the famous Oregon Coast landmarks you’ve likely seen on Pinterest, such as, the Devil’s Punchbowl and Thor’s Well.

All 13 attractions can be done over two days. This gives you enough time to fully experience everything and not feel like you’re rushing. So, go grab a buddy (or you can go solo,which is what I did), turn up the radio and hit the road!  Continue reading

Exploring Oregon Wine Country

oregon wine travel In the last few decades, Oregon wine county has really taken off.  Today, just within the Willamette Valley alone, there are over 500 wineries! So you may be asking yourself, Oregon and wine? I thought Oregon was just know for its beer? I know, I had the exact same question when I first moved here. Well, the answer is in the soil. The soil in the Willamette Valley makes for some great Pinot Noir.  Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to the Eugene Ale Trail

eugene ale trail, eugene oregon. oregon, oregon beer, craft beer, craftbeerWhen one thinks of Oregon beer, they usually think of Portland. However, located just two hours south of Portland is the small college town of Eugene. Mostly known as home to the University of Oregon Ducks and many famous Willamette Valley wineries, Eugene is also home to the Eugene Ale Trail.

Today, the Eugene Ale Trail has over 14 breweries located throughout the city and the surrounding area. Some of the breweries on the ale trail include craft beer veterans such as Ninkasi. Then there are new comers, such as Cold Fire. But,  whatever your craft beer preferences are, there is certainly something for everyone! Continue reading

The Hood River Fruit Loop

hood river fruit loop, fruit loop, oregon, columbia river gorgeWhen you live in the Pacific Northwest, you quickly learn to take advantage of the sunny days and make every effort to get outside. That’s why one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago, I decided to drop everything and go on an adventure to the Hood River Fruit Loop before the cold weather and snow arrived.

The Hood River Fruit Loop is a wonderful little oasis located an hour east of Portland that is filled with cider houses, fruit farms and magnificent mountain views. This adventure is the perfect place for someone who wants to escape the craziness of the city for a bit. Here’s a list of what I managed to fit in, in just one afternoon. Continue reading

A Guide to the Southern Oregon Coast

south oregon coast
Growing up in California, I used to spend my summers driving up the coast through Big Sur,  Monterey and Carmel. So when I got the chance to explore the Southern Oregon Coast, I was super excited. I didn’t really know what to expect but ended up being very surprised at just how many different things one could do on the coast and just how beautiful it was. You could easily spend a week exploring the area. With its winding roads, lighthouses and beautiful ocean scenery, the Southern Oregon Coast is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves adventure.  Continue reading

How to Spend Two Days in Portland, Maine

portland maine travel

Last summer I had the chance to visit  Portland, Maine. It was exciting to see “the other Portland” after living in Oregon for a year.  I was really surprised at just how similar these two cities were, despite being on opposite sites of the country. Both cities have a kick ass food and brewery scene, and everyone in both cities are crazy nice.

That being said, I basically spent the two days I was there, taking pictures, drinking beer and stuffing my face with as much seafood as I could get! It sure made for one hell of a trip and I seriously can’t wait to go back again.

Below is my itinerary of everything I did in those glorious two days. Enjoy!
Continue reading

A Weekend in the Wallowas

wallowas oregon
The Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon are often referred to as America’s Little Switzerland. And after visiting this tiny oasis this past summer, I can see why. I seriously felt like I was in that famous scene in the Sound of Music where Maria is running around singing “the hills are alive!!” I may or may not have sung those lyrics a few times while I was running around taking photos.

I initially wanted to visit the Wallowas because it was the last wonder to check off on my Seven Wonders of Oregon list. I didn’t think there was much to do in the area there except some hiking and camping. I was extremely surprised to find out that there was so much more to do, especially in the neighboring towns of Baker City and Joseph. I instantly fell in love with those adorable towns.

And while there are definitely some famous hikes in the Wallowas, such as Ice Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness and Aneroid Lake, they are all more suited for backpacking rather than day hiking because of their long distances. So if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the area or if you just prefer to day hike and explore the neighboring towns, here are a few things you can do during a weekend in the Wallowas. Continue reading